2023 Belzoni Garden Club Christmas Lighting Contest Winners

Every year the Belzoni Garden Club selects a committee to lead the Christmas Lighting Contest. The committee selects judges from out of town to come in and pick the winners. It’s a fun holiday tradition! The winners for 2023 are as follows:

Overall: Terry Williams – Harvey Street

Country Christmas: Allen & Beth Roberts – 1806 Hwy. 7

Merriest Block: Longino Street – 502 Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Parker, 504 Booker Richardson

Most Christmas Spirit:

  1. First Place: Queen Hudson; 609 First Street
  2. Second Place: Leon Williams; 1109 Oakwood
  3. Third Place: Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Grayson; 310 Church Street

Best Doorway:

  1. First Place: Casandra Coleman; 1101 Oakwood
  2. Second Place: Paul & Kristie Williams; 510 Wister Dr.
  3. Third Place: Joe & Courtney Taylor; Castleman St.
  4. Merriest Traditional Doorway: Charlie & Sarah Goldberg; 510 Lee St.
  5. Merriest Eclectic Doorway: Hue & Melissa Townsend; 409 Lee St.

Best Indoor Tree:

  1. First Place: Lindsay W. Wade; 207 Leflore Ave.
  2. Second Place: Dr. & Mrs. Carlton Gorton; 204 Oak St.
  3. Third Place: Rodney & Vernita Vaughn; 602 Frances Dr.

Best Outdoor Tree:

  1. First Place: Mrs. Jan Cline; 603 Mound St.

Best Church:

  1. First Place: First Methodist Church
  2. Second Place: First Presbyterian Church
  3. Third Place: Eastside Baptist Church
  4. Best Nativity: Catholic Church

Best Business:

  1. First Place: Family Insurance
  2. Second Place: Central Insurers
  3. Third Place: Goldberg’s Department Store

Merriest Community Spirit: Centennial Green

Merriest Traditional Doorway: Charlie and Sarah Goldberg
Merriest Eclectic Doorway: Hue and Melissa Townsend
Best Indoor Tree Second Place: Dr. and Mrs. Gorton

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